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Future for Workers

Rather than focus on the future of work, we’re going to reimagine a future for workers. We’ll envision how to build an equitable and human-centered economy that supports and fosters a new generation of workers. 

This theme was created in partnership with Barclays.

Three Bitwise apprentices sit down to talk about barriers to work, community, and quality jobs. Read More →

The Fix

Cara Collective President and CEO Kathleen St. Louis Caliento on how to build a better future for workers. 



The Fix

FreeWorld founder Jason Wang on how to change incarceration to better prepare prisoners for the workforce.



The Fix

How Handsome is building a worker-centered platform for beauty professionals.

Acumen Asks

The first female president of the AFL-CIO opens up about organizing, patience, and her best Jeopardy category (it has nothing to do with labor).

The Fix

Financial transparency, creativity, and a fresh mindset are the key to empowering manufacturing employees.

The Fix

Hamoon Ekhtiari on how we can empower workers with more support, better education, and a personalized career roadmap.