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Policy and Progress

Entrepreneurs have unique capabilities to quickly adapt, tailor, and innovate to user needs faster than policymakers and government programs. This allows them to rethink better ways to distribute services, break down barriers to aid, and enact systems change. Here, we’ll explore ways that the private sector has spurred systems change in the public sector, the pitfalls of public-private partnerships, and how the public sector enables and inhibits innovation.

Exploring the intersection of policy and innovation.

The Fix

MyVillage co-founder Erica Mackey lays out how they tried to improve child care for the better—and what they learned.

The Fix

Karen Schoellkopf on benefits cliffs, the intersection of the public and private sector, and why user voice matters.

Acumen Asks

We talk with the former Obama administration man about life working at the intersection of the public and private sector.

The Fix

We called up Jamala Michener to talk about what she hears from government staffers, democratizing policymaking, and how we can make public policy and public benefits work better for everyone.