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Wealth Gap

Wealth is more than just assets. It’s opportunity. It’s secure housing. It’s access to food, transportation, and jobs. And it’s impacted by race, gender, geography, and more. Here, we look at why the wealth gap is widening and what we can do to reverse that reality.

Here’s what happens when you give working mothers money with no-strings attached. Read More →


Examining potential solutions to America’s widening wealth gap.

The Fix

Incarceration squashes wealth and opportunity across generations. Brian Hill has some ideas about how to change that.

The Fix

How the Mission Asset Fund has used the global tradition of lending circles to build people’s credit and find secure footing in the mainstream economy.


The Fix

We can better help the formerly incarcerated enter the workforce—and succeed. Here’s how.

Where to Next

The cost-burden of education continues to widen the wealth gap. Angela Ceresnie and Climb Credit want to change that.

Where to Next

The story of financial uncertainty is a story of financial shocks. Canary CEO Rachel Schneider on how to break that cycle.



The Life-Altering Differences Between White and Black Debt

The sociologist Louise Seamster discusses America’s student debt crisis and how higher education contributes to the racial wealth gap.